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Kitty Wigs

This is just what everyone has been missing in their lives: wigs for their Kitty Cats. I immediately ran down my list of friends who have cats, creating a scenario that involved my lady friends inviting me over for afternoon tea while Kasha, the master cat, Kiki, the chic Siamese wonder, Honey, the little darling, and, of course, Sugar, who really couldn’t be bothered with anything, were in attendance. As we sip our Darjeeling and enjoy cream filled canapes, the kitties peruse the grounds with their wigs attached as if it were just another afternoon for sipping tea. Its so Marie Antoinette circa 2009. Right before I tip my judgment hat, I can’t help but smile and think we need a little more playfulness in our lives and this really has no reason to be denied. It’s too funny.