Featured Image for Marie Blanco Hendrickx’s digital portraits

Marie Blanco Hendrickx’s digital portraits

While I was busy making mud pies as a spriteful youth, delighting in the idea of throwing them at the neighborhood boys, artist Marie Blanco Hendrickx — aka Mijn Schatje — was busy making wishes and prayers on tombstones in the woods at her grandparents’ house at Le Chateau des Ifs. What has emerged from her unique upbringing is a world of beautiful characters, playing within a world of magical inspiration. If these characters were to speak, I would imagine them to write love sonnets with hints of sarcasm. KochxBos Gallery Amsterdam will be presenting her recent digital works from March 14 until May 9 in an exhibition entitled, Storytelling. So let her works take you to a world of sweet dreams, memories and wishes.