Featured Image for Munich’s ECM label

Munich’s ECM label

The ECM label has been a long time favorite of mine. Apart from releasing and working with some of the most monumental jazz and avant-garde artists of the last forty years, such as Bill Frissel, Keith Jarrett and Jan Garbarek, it has also been dedicated to fostering new talent from all corners of the earth. ECM started out of Munich in 1969 and has been growing strong ever since. But ECM isn’t just one of those boring run-of-the-mill jazz labels. They constantly blur the lines between electronic, pop, world and experimental genres and create very distinctive CD artwork, which is what makes their releases so easy to identify. Apart from artist classics from Jan Garabarek and Keith Jarrett, other releases I’ve been enjoying lately are Arild Andersen’s Live At The Belleville and Arve Henriksen’s Cartogrpahy.