lvhrd’s CLL PHN LCKN 2

Our friends over at Happy Corp are staging the second installment of their social experiment series tonight, continuing the battle against SMC. The event kicks off in Tribeca, with the location to be made known by SMS. If you want to be a part of it, simply purchase your ticket and indicate your suit size. It’ll be a lot of fun, as this footage from the last event suggests.

Other things you should know about the event are:
1. Receive protective white jump suit upon entry with an sms # on the back
2. Enter personal info of your choice into that
3. Everyone else does the same
4. Enter party
5. Free booze from Dewars & Sapporo
6. You send a message to the system with the any persons # found on the suits and you receive their information back on your phone.
7. The messges can be changed on the fly throughout the night
8. Interactive displays show the event activity
9. Surprise show by Yacht – laptop rockers from Portland on DFA label