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August Bradley

We asked Los Angeles-based photographer, August Bradley, about his unique aesthetic, which blends soft palettes with a rich artistic themery and a deft hand for manual retouching: ‘I grew up in my mother’s photography studio, I was her lighting assistant from an early age, moving her lights around since I was five years old. I virtually lived in the darkroom in high-school and part of college. I was really obsessive about photography. My “style” evolved from a lifetime of immersion in the arts, much of which is outside of photography. I’m influenced probably more by painters than photographers in terms of the light, the mood, the color tones, a great deal by architecture and interior design, as well, as reflected by context and environment playing such a strong role in the images. I love literary fiction and many of my themes come from that source. My style is the result of a life of exploration in a wide range of arts’. There’s an extensive interview with August Bradley at the Feature Shoot website.