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Maximillian Wiedemann in vogue street art

Graffiti artist Maximillian Wiedemann’s work explores the dependent relationship between pop culture, media and consumerism, positioning it neatly under the street meets luxury umbrella. Giving reverence to Andy Warhol with regards to his salute to the world of the aesthetically divine, he plays with the game of hype, having a little fun with sensationalism, yet keeping a respect for its necessity due to the outlandish world we live in today. His sense of humor is perfect for our ambiguous times, with quotes such as ‘The better you look, the more you see’, and my favourite, ‘Closer to God in Heels’, paralleling it all by bringing the up-and-coming models of our time to his canvas. He takes something iconic and flip-flops it.

Max has recently teamed up with Timo Weber, creating a pop-up gallery by the name of Wanted. Baking up a ‘culture of desire’ with hints of affordability and accessibility, these two gents roam the earth in search of artists, granting them a platform for success. Stirring up a recipe for triumph and delight, it will be very interesting to see who they pick and choose next to bring to the limelight. Be on the look out.