Prodigy live

More than a decade of built-up expectations are going to be hard to deliver on. Without realising it, the years spent wrecking my eardrums with Their Laws and Out of Space inadvertently resulted in setting Prodigy the massive task of promising me the greatest live performance I would ever see. It had to be the ultimate experience: a band who have delivered the heaviest beats of the last sixteen years fronted by a man who’d give Jonny Rotten a run for his money. On the night, it was good β€” very good β€” but not good enough. There was a hint of fatigue: they’ve been destroying arenas with the same tunes for almost two decades, and the whirlwind behind their live shows, Keith Flint, will be 40 next year. After all, sixteen million albums sold and an almost cult following secured them the title of greatest dance act of all time long ago, so now it’s just for fun β€” something to keep the fans loyal to their king. So, here’s a clip of them way back when they started, at their freshest. The early 90’s acid rave scene barely gets a flicker on television these days, so it’s also a nice piece of memorabilia of a culture forced underground and eventually washed away.