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Meat Cake

This summer I became the proud co-host of MeatFest 2008, a two-day festival gathering together London’s finest meat-eaters and London’s ‘finest’ meat. We didn’t jump on the bandwagon and try to promote organic meat or healthy eating: no, screw that. Anything meat-related went. Anyone caught with a vegetable would be asked politely to discard it or face ejection. Acts included the Chilli-con-Carnival, The Ham Slam, The Mysterious Beef Curtains, The Meat-and-Greet, and more. Headlining the main stage on the final night was a beautifully roasted hog. We even got lumped with an Environmental Health warning which is now proudly framed on our wall. But 2009 is creeping up, and our fans are stirring. So the pressure is on — we have to go one better — and I think the foundations may have just been laid.