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It’s a Gulp-ing Xmas

Electro-breakbeat label Gulp Communications have just released a stomping Christmas mix called, appropriately enough, It’s a Gulp-ing Xmas ’08’ [listen below]. Says Andrew Friendly at Gulp: ‘We decided to do a Gulp Christmas mix, to celebrate the bunch of remixes we’ve done. And it’s a stormer! It’s got some big tracks from the past year, plus the upcoming singles for Milke, Black Peter Group, the collaboration with Roxy Wilde, and the rather huge next single for Joe and Will Ask, after their Kitsune twelve in January. Plus, it’s got their remixes of La Roux and Mystery Jets [above], and the Andrew Friendly remixes of We Have Band and The Rivers, all nicely packaged and ready under your Christmas tree’. So ho Ho Ho, and all of that good stuff.