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Now, this is some funny stuff. Someone clearly found Wikipedia a little bit too tedious, a little bit humourless, and so created this breath of fresh air. It’s perhaps the most comprehensive database of bullshit available on the web; a valuable resource for vacuous conversation. Here’s a little excerpt of last week’s featured article, on the Golf War: ‘The Golf War is an ongoing military campaign which began on the 20 March 2003 with the multi-national coalition of the Allied nations who knew how to play golf (and therefore exempting Australia). Dwarfing most tours, the Golf War is the biggest and most controversial of golfing events. Prior to the war, Iraq’s alleged possesion of illegal clubs was claimed to pose a serious and imminent threat to Western national golfing laws.’ Oh, and apparently on this day in 1099, God passed the Enforced Hair Styling Act.