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I went to a concert earlier this week performed by musicians who had spent years in training, many at some of the UK’s most prestigious music colleges, but now, given the fierce competition they face, rarely perform any more. Many are forced into completely unrelated jobs. Luckily, his regular hour-long session at a church in London gives them the opportunity to play to crowds and remind them of why they grafted so hard to achieve those skills. It reminded me of this website which provides a bit of a refuge and a sign of hope for new artists, photographers and sculptors. The basic idea is to give emerging talent a platform on which to both exhibit and sell their work and, on the flipside, engages a wider audience in contemporary art. In such a competitive field, too much good material inevitably goes unnoticed and the artist, for all their potential, quits the game. So these platforms are wholly necessary. In May, they’ll host online exhibitions of work selected by both established and emerging curators.
murmur art