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Hamburg’s illustrated Fitting Forward store

Fitting Forward is a new Hamburg based Concept-Store which shows what simmers secretly behind the scenes. Every two months a new headstrong theme world will evolve out of a composition of fashion, product, accessories and illustration. The platform of the shop is a deep black lacquered room-in-room installation. A three dimensional walk-in sketchbook provides space for different artists and illustrators to draw themes onto the walls, ceiling and floor. The shop has a partnership with Edding, the pencil company, so they can change the styles easily to suit the themes. Aforestdesign joined Fitting Forward in its first theme: The TalenTierT – The Zoo Of Uniqueness, which was launched at the beginning of December. The first theme is about weird creatures, wondrous animals and bewildering absurdity. In the zoo of uniqueness you will find elephant-jumpers, parrot-jackets, lonely-wolf-lamps and bunny-mask-broochs, all gathered under the absurd-species-protection-program.