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The Sparrow Project

There’s something to be said for a really fun collaborative project. Says Ukraine artist, Sasha Shagi, about his Sparrow Project: ‘Twelve years ago, when I first touched the piano keys, I decided to become a famous pianist. I had everything needed to make my dream come true – long thin fingers, an open mind and too much energy. For seven years my friends were sharps, flats, sixths and seconds. Because of some changes in life, I failed to become a pianist and now I have nothing to do with these black and white keys. One year ago I decided to write a story of how I failed to become a pianist. I based it on different psychological experiments and trips abroad. It tells about the life of a guy named King of the Keys in four different cities – New York, Miami, Paris and Kiev’.

‘My literary experiment got the name, Fantaisie Impromptu. Thanks to the story, I’ve discovered the formula of the unrealized dream — I failed to become a pianist because of the sparrows.

‘Half a year ago I asked artists from all over the world to use my sparrow-formula and describe their unrealized dreams, plans, or something they’ve lost in their lives.

‘The idea was shared by 54 artists from USA, Japan, France, Italy, Portugal, Georgia, South Africa, Poland, Iran, UK, Brazil.

‘One month ago I invited Ukrainian celebrities to participate in my project – Yuri Khustochka, Rosava, Lubko Deresh, Irena Karpa, Anton Friedland, Vasia Frolova and Irina Merleni.

‘They told me about their unrealized dreams and we have drawn their sparrows together with Ukrainian painters’.

See some of their artwork here.