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Jon Todd solo exhibit in Los Angeles

If ever there was an artist more deserving of critical acclaim, it’s Toronto-based, Jon Todd. I first came across his work a number of years ago at an underground art exhibit at the famed Niagara Bar in New York City: it was a painted skateboard deck. Who would have thought four years later that he would be staging his first solo show in the hotbed of Pop Surrealism.

I met up with him at Art Basel this past weekend at various and sundry after-parties and events. We had a chance to chat a little bit about his upcoming solo exhibit at Thinkspace Gallery, slated for Friday, December 12th. ‘This is very personal work for me,’ Todd said shyly. ‘It’s largely about the themes of struggle, love, and our need to break free’.

Throw in some old school Russian prison tattoo imagery, burly Mexican wrestlers meets Antonio Gaudi-type influence in patterning, and you will find the beautiful works of Jon Todd. I even own his work myself.