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With the recent financial qualms, a moment of reflection takes over as we begin to wonder how we all became so out of touch with reality. Somehow Luxury lost its way and mistook itself for decadence, joining the Bling-Bling parade and gravitating towards the streets of self-indulgence. Yet, the true essence of Luxury, as the divine Coco Chanel states ‘is not in the richness and ornateness, but in the absence of vulgarity’. Bravo, I say! While we land back on our feet, remembering grace and simplicity as being superb states of living, I give much applause to Truffle, a clothing line created by Sofia Strazzanti and dedicated to offering a made-to-order concierge service to the discerning ladies who left behind the bygone age of plentiful resources and cheap energy, and understand that the ‘new’ Luxury is our natural state. Naturally! This includes inspirations from raw materials such as woods, metals and gems. So while Luxury ran off to play with grandeur, magnificence and decadence, Raw and Purity stood its ground and stayed true to its intentions.