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Andy from Chicken Lips talks about The Emperor Machine

We checked in with Andy Meecham, one half of Staffordshire duo Chicken Lips, about his latest side project, The Emperor Machine and why he prefers using vintage equipment wherever he can: ‘I like the feel and touch of vintage equipment — if that doesn’t sound weird. I like the hands-on approach and get a lot of inspiration from buying new, old vintage equipment. I have nothing against computer software — it is getting to the stage now where you can’t tell the difference — but for me, it’s just not the way I prefer to work’.

After Bizarre Inc and Chicken Lips, was The Emperor Machine your attempt at a more underground sound?
‘Chicken Lips have produced more of an underground sound with Big 200 and Zeefungk but Emperor Machine started as my outlet, a side hobby, ‘a dirty love child’ that I really didn’t expect anyone to be nuts enough to release. Fortunately, squirrel loving James Dyer of DC saw the light’.

There are hordes of bands and producers channelling the dub disco sound at the moment. How do you feel about the popularity of that sound now?
‘I think it’s great! It’s not really what I’m doing now, but when a sound gets too popular, usually time is ripe for another wave. As long as I’m riding the new wave, I don’t mind’.