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I’ve only ever flown business class once, on a press junket to Singapore I was on a few years back (and I mean junket in the most literal of senses: three days, all expenses paid, and the only obligation was to attend a one hour press conference). For that nine hours or so, ensconced in the comparatively luxurious surrounds of a spanking new 747, it felt like I was like sitting in the laps of the gods, with tasty food, ample leg room, and mind numbingly comfortable seats. Ah, how nice to see how the other live. Except I had no idea how to work the damn thing. Yes, even business class can bring its complications. Prior to departure, whilst trying to look at least somewhat familiar with my new environment, I had errantly messed around with the settings on my high tech chair and suddenly found myself in the most awkward of positions, contorted, twisted, and unable to do a thing about it. At one point my feet were facing the roof whilst my neck was bent downwards as if I’d been swept up in a sudden wind gust. The Silver Fox sitting next to me, impeccably dressed in a crisp dark suit, must have been mortified at the sight of this scruffily attired maniac sitting to his left, trapped in a position from which appeared to be no obvious escape. Though thankfully there was. Some thirty minutes later I managed to figure out the controls and spent the rest of the flight regaining my dignity amongst the copious servings of warm, buttery croissant and Cloudy Bay whites that were doing the rounds of the cabin. This illustration by Curiousmoth kinda reminds me of that flight: slightly chaotic, a little awkward in parts, but ultimately, the best damn experience you’ll have all day.