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Abi Tucker’s One December Moon

Australian actor and singer-songwriter, Abi Tucker, has a new album out — One December Moon — which is a startlingly good follow-up from her 2003 release, Dreamworld. We asked her about the process behind One December Moon’s recording: ‘I wanted to write another album after my first album, Dreamworld. To see it as an entire piece seemed more inspiring than to see each song individually, though I’d write each track as individuals. I would get one idea and I’d want to hear it completed with whatever instruments would suit the track. I wouldn’t just write entirely on guitar, nor on keyboard. I’d often tune the guitar to make the chord. I’d dabble in string ideas. I would try and think about the instruments that I thought might suit the original idea’.

‘But for me, it is always about the vocal melody and the lyrics. They’d always be awakened by something simple and I would generally want to get them out. I’d hone in on the melodies, often finding the chords to suit the vocal lines in my head. Sometimes there would be harmony ideas. Stream of conscience is something I love to play around with when I am jamming with other people. I don’t know many covers, I’ve always loved flying by the seat of my pants with vocals. Writing the album was more structured. I pieced the album together as demos first and then approached the musicians. Some of the songs were more formed than others. The musicians are all incredible. The harp was more a wish for the album. I had to fulfill that vision as one of the finishing touches’.