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Sunflowers bloom like jolts of morning-treat

There’s a freshness and subtle about these sunflower stills. They are a morning-treat panacea to a blurry-eyed, pre-coffee mindset. We checked in with the artist behind them, Ali, to get the lowdown on what fuels her creative passions: ‘Art and music are my passions in life. So much can be expressed through these mediums that cannot be expressed any other way. I believe a picture is truly worth a thousand words. When visual art isn’t enough to convey a message then music comes into play. Music brings people together. One of my friends shares my taste in music and consequently he is the person I am closest too. Music expresses our feelings even when we don’t say a word. I also care immensely for the environment. We only have one earth and I want to help protect it’.

‘I recycle for my family and my friends and I help with trash clean-ups for my school. I wish I had a hybrid vehicle but I don’t, and until then I encourage my friends to carpool. In the summer I help my church with vacation bible school. I work with preschoolers and kindergarteners for a week there. Lastly, I love to travel. The world has so much to offer that just sitting in the comfort of your home or community can’t offer. Different cultures have something to teach to all of us. I went to Spain this summer and I learned to be more relaxed and open. The Spanish are wonderful people who are there to help and they are definitely not stressed all the time. I love that attitude. I live by the moment and enjoy what I’m given.

‘I am a strong believer in a few (or even just one) people can change the world. It may take time but change is always possible. Overall, I am very self-aware. I realize my actions in the present reverberate in the future. I can be an example for future generations by recycling and being at peace with the situations around me’.