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Polina Zioga

Polina Zioga’s piece Under the Surface interrupted my Wednesday afternoon doldrums, consisting of mind-numbing admin duties that creep up on you after weeks of neglect, and swept me off to a land where I became a Mermaid. A Mermaid Princess, if you will. In this beautiful underwater world that I created in my mind, I have all the state of the art materials to show off my new cloister. The pink seaweed marsh that I welcome my honorary fishy friends to swim through when entering the grounds is made of a fine material that comes from the Indian Ocean region, where the coral reefs are considered gold. Eco friendly, of course. The purple and yellow ground-globs are actually a new form of sea sculpture: a jelly fish by the name of Sarge and a good friend of Poseidon. I want to thank the artist and art in general for relieving me from an afternoon of tedious repute and reminding me that inspiration, aesthetics, and imagination are necessary. André Malraux explained it perfectly when he said, ‘The greatest mystery is not that we have been flung at random among the profusion of the earth and the galaxies, but that in this prison we can fashion images sufficiently powerful to deny our nothingness’. Or, in my case, allow me to procrastinate just a little longer.
polina zioga
polina zioga

In partnership with our friends at Glenmorangie, Lost At E Minor presents the second episode in the We Are The World We Create podcast series, dedicated to celebrating those people, and their exceptional creations, that help make the world a more interesting place. In this episode, Bigsy speaks with Sons of the East about changing perceptions, rethinking the way you play an instrument, and what’s next for them. Listen now!