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Buy Nothing Day

Obama’s election campaign was something of a celebrity fanfare not seen since Reagan took up the seat back in the 1980s. While we’re yet to see whether the hype that surrounds his name is followed though, there is no question that his calls for ‘Change’ have already injected a new sense of political zest both into the US and much of the rest of the world. Politics has suddenly become exciting, and his unprecedented tactics for private fundraising have made his supporters believe that they have a personal stake in the government. So how appealing is political participation now?

In America, people were willing to donate their private money to get the man in office. Yet the real test could come on November 28 (the 29th for the rest of the world) on the international Buy Nothing Day: “There’s only one way to avoid the collapse of … Planet Earth. We have to consume less,” say the guys at Adbusters, who, like the Yes Men, have cleverly fused the realms of popular culture and politics into one exciting body. Can you keep away from the shops for one day only? Wait until the belly starts rumbling.