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Exclusive interview with Fujiya and Miyagi

We love the coolly detached electro mash-up of Brighton group, Fujiya and Miyagi. So we checked in with vocalist-guitarist David Best to find out more about their latest album, Lightbulbs [out on Pod through Inertia], and the place it all started for them — their hometown of Brighton, England: ‘Brighton was just full of wanna-be mods with cravats dancing like they were in Quadrophenia’, he says. ‘It was awful. It seemed to be very unfashionable to be an electronic group back then. Now everybody combines synths with guitars. It makes me want to start a mod group’.
What is your enduring memory of the recording process for Lightbulbs?

My enduring memory is walking from where I lived in Preston Park, up and over various hills with steep gradients until I got to the studio on the other side of Brighton. I’d get a samosa and a can of coke and have a listen to what Steve had done. Then I would walk back’.

Are you still enjoying listening to the album, or have you moved on already?
‘I’ve only listened to it to check that it plays okay. You need to give it a break because the production is so intense you no longer hear the songs, only the details. It was the same with [previous album] Transparent Things. We’ve already recorded an album for joggers to run to and we are thinking about what the next one will be like’.