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Lenka Kripac talks about her single, The Show

We featured the Secret Playlist of Australian-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Lenka Kripac recently. Well, here’s the scoop: she just happens to have written the catchiest damn song of 2008. The Show is a bouncy, jaunty, almost nursery rhyme-like paean to the joys of showbiz. And it’s been splashed across every TV show that knows what’s good for it. Ugly Betty, any one? We checked in with Lenka while she was on the road [right before a performance in Seattle to be exact], and asked her about the songwriting process behind her debut hit: ‘I wrote The Show with a singer-songwriter called Jason Reeves. We’re both with the same publisher so we sat down together in their writer’s room with piano and guitar and played around with some ideas. The metaphor of life being a show came about because we were both feeling a bit overwhelmed by our lives at the time. We wanted to write something jolly to cheer ourselves up. It’s one of those things where a spontanious energy just takes over and you go along for the ride. An hour and a half and the song was complete! Hasn’t changed at all since that day’.