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Mikey Welsh exhibiting in Rhode Island

Artist Mikey Welsh — who once pounded the bass for perennial chartsters Weezer — is exhibiting a range of new works, Paintings and Drawings, at Montanaro Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island. The show kicks off on Saturday, November 8th from 7-10pm. We caught up with him for an email chat: How different is the lifestyle between fulltime musician and fulltime artist in terms of the time you start and end your day, and the energy you bring to your activities? ‘My life is much healthier than it used to be. In my Weezer days, I would usually wake up massively hung over in various hotels and tour buses around the world. I would end my day at 5 or 6 in the morning, damaging myself somehow. Now I wake up at 5am and start painting right through the morning. I am in bed by ten every night’.

What is your enduring memory of the live paint demo at Burton? Was it as much fun as you thought it might be?
‘I remember changing into my painting clothes right before I was about to go out to do the painting. I was so nervous I felt I was about to throw up. But when I got out to the room where the canvas was set up (there were about 100 people there) I got right into the zone and the painting ended up coming out amazing. The whole experience was a blast. There was a DJ cranking music while I was working and when I was finished with the painting I turned around to the crowd and announced “all done”. There was a huge round of applause and dozens of people snapping photos’.

Any colours you find yourself gravitating towards at the moment?
‘Black and cadmium red’

What’s in store for visitors to your Montanaro Gallery exhibition in November?
‘We’re going to put in a ton of paintings. Quite a few of them were painted in the last several years, so people will get a chance to see the progression of my work. There will be a lot of brand new pieces as well and we will also have a series of limited edition t-shirts available’.

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