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Sydney’s Published Art bookstore

I almost had a heart attack the first time I entered Published Art. And I’m not even an architecture and design nut. This place is the shiz. As the name of the store suggests, Published Art is art published in book form. Their spectacular array of art, design and architecture books will bring a tear to the eye of any admirer of beauty. For Published Art, less is more. They make sure that they only keep the latest titles in stock so that every single one of their gorgeous hardcover books can be viewed from any part of the store.

This not only enables you to browse without needing to bother a shopgirl about your fave artist, designer or architect, but also enables you to have a hearty perve while you’re hiding in the corner smelling the fresh pages of the book from across the room. What? You don’t do that? Well … err … no. What do you take me for? Of course, I don’t either.