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Yoko Furusho

Yoko Furusho’s work leaves me absolutely speechless. There are so many lines in all of her drawings that I really wonder how she can do it all with one single hand. Just take a look at her Galliano and Fantasy drawings, and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Not to mention her magical characters, her endless parade of patterns and her remarkable use of colour, which makes you feel like you’re swimming inside of a whipped cream and strawberry pie!

I met Yoko through my good friend and fellow illustrator Marcos Chin, who had the pleasure to be one of her teachers at SVA (by the time I started teaching there, Yoko had already graduated.) Talking to Marcos a few days ago he mentioned how, regardless of how tired Yoko was, she would never miss class and would always bring all her homework. When I asked him, rather surprised, why she was so tired, he replied: “Because she always working!” So, there you have it!

yoko furusho