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Weird Tapes

Curious what had happened to the band Hail Social earlier this year, I started trawling the internet and excitedly uncovered signs of a Dayve Hawke side project – Weird Tapes. Here is what the Philly producer, and only constant member of the Hail Social family, had to say about his new endeavor. How did you team up with Memory Cassette for the mini-EP? ‘We have always known each other and a lot of that music is from a long time ago. I only recently convinced Memory to let people hear it’.

You are leaking loads of material online through blogs. Any plans for an official Weird Tapes release?
‘It’s possible. To be honest it’s more fun to make tracks and get them out to people immediately. I would like to press up some vinyl eventually though…. and I don’t mean like a dance 12″ EP sort of thing, I want to do a full-length LP. I’ve had offers so I’d say it’s probably gonna happen. There is definitely an official Memory Cassette vinyl release coming soon’.

Weird Tapes is ambient, pop, psyche, and disco rolled into one. What do you listen to at home? And what inspires you?
‘I probably listen to old pop music like The Beatles, Motown, Girl Groups etc. more than anything. But I touch on everything at some point, Black Sabbath, Cocteau Twins, Boards Of Canada, Prince, Wire, The Congos, Incredible String Band … I hate to be a grumpy old man, but I really don’t listen to anything new’.

What does Weird Tapes mean?
‘It was the name of a series of Hawkwind bootlegs and is I guess a play on Weird Tales, the old pulp sci-fi/horror journal that spawned HP Lovecraft, and so on, and as I started out with a tape deck, it seemed to fit’.

Listen to the Weird Tapes track, My Babe Walk