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Total Wine Bar’s scrumptuous Mac n’ Cheese

Situated on the corner of Fifth Avenue and St Marks Place, in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, Total Wine Bar serves wine, beer and some small eats (their Mac n’ Cheese is seriously the best that I’ve eaten). Smallish in size, and often populated with some neighborhood regulars, the U-shaped design of the under-lit bar maximizes the use of space, and allows its patrons to either choose to sit down privately on their own, or encourages them to partake in the conversations of those who are seated on the other side (of the bar). The staff’s charm, humor and friendliness aid in the creation of an atmosphere that is non-intimidating even for those who want to venture in on their own. This is a wine bar ala Cheers, but with a contemporary decor and feel; a place where, if not everyone knows your name, then they’ll eventually learn it — if you keep on going back.