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The Paper Scissors and Coda get down in Sydney

Aussie indie rock band The Paper Scissors are playing a couple of shows late next week with strings-based group Coda, in what should be a mish-mash of sounds, shapes, and sonic textures. Says Paper Scissors frontman, Jai Pyne, of the event: ‘We’ve been wanting to do some shows with Coda for a while. Nick from the band did a remix for us, and they’re always doing interesting stuff. It’s good to shake things up. We want to mess things up a bit. We will have DJ’s from Club Kooky — monthly club night in Sydney — playing, and Coda are now incorporating some new vocalists. The Paper Scissors are going to have guest horns, and some surprises! A normal The Paper Scissors set usually goes from mellow to full tilt disco extravaganza anyway, so we will just be doing our normal thing with a bit more arty party’. The shows take place next Friday and Saturday nights at Sydney’s Spectrum. Listen to the Hey Now DJs remix of The Paper Scissors track, We Don’t Walk.
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