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Oh boy, Donna Summer writes a Secret Playlist

What’s not to love? Moby told us this recently about the Donna Summer disco classic, I Feel Love: ‘This is the best electronic club song ever recorded. It breaks my heart to know that I’ll never write anything as good as I Feel Love. I always play it when I DJ, though not the remixes; the original version. I never play remixes. I saw Donna Summer perform once and I went backstage afterwards to say hello, terribly drunk and stumbling about. She was polite and friendly, but she must have been horrified at the sight of this scruffy drunk accosting her after her show. I found out later that she was a tea drinking Christian’. With that in mind, we asked the Queen of Disco to write us a Secret Playlist of her eight favourite songs right now. Which she did. Suprises? Well, how many people would have picked Barbara Streisland and Sting in the same set list. Check out what she had to say.