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2008: Portrait of a Postcode

I love the sense of quiet yet peaceful desolation that Australian photographer Lucia Fischer captures in her essay, 2008; Portrait of a Postcode. Of the gritty and textural series, she says: ‘I have been working on the project for the past two years. It is about the little suburb of Chippendale in Sydney. It’s only small and unknown to many Sydney-siders, but it has this great dirty, grungy and grimy history that stems from the CUB Brewery and the industrial culture that has evolved around it. The streetscapes are alive with colour and textures that reflect the rogue atmosphere of the area. I just can’t get enough of the place and spend hours aimlessly wandering through the streets with my Rolleiflex camera. But the ruthian Chippendale character is in danger!’‘The Brewery shut down in 2005, and this year the Fraser’s Broadway Project began tearing it to pieces at such a rapid rate that it has brought tears to my eyes. Local residents and community groups are appalled by the massive monstrosity they plan to build there. I am devastated. Many of the street facades captured in my photo series have already been eaten up by over development, and now my beloved brewery is being torn to shreds by steel-eyed bulldozers. So I am swinging into action. I may not be able to stop the development but I will share my passion for the postcode and show the beauty of these disappearing streets so that others may appreciate it’. She is exhibiting 18 of the photographs at Waterloo’s aMBUSH Gallery, opening October 24, and she has extended the series into a self-published artist book.
lucia fischer

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