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Marc Jacob’s velvet trimmed pumps

Marc Jacobs’ newly unleashed Autumn 08 collection hit the stage this week and if there is an international designer who I couldn’t appreciate any more, then it’s Marc. His signature patent-leather goods are the apple of my eyes and I think my MJ leather-quilted wallet, stam-bag and ballet mouse flats are being overlooked for Mark Jacob’s freshly launched red velvet trimmed pumps. These shiny patent-leather points feature a luxe velvet trim and lining, finished with a phat chunky heel. Daddy, I want a pair of Marc Jacobs’ heels, and I want them now! Sike. In all seriousness, I’m not petulant that Jacobs hails from the Big Apple and is one of the big cats who also designs for Louis Vuitton. Marc Jacobs is more than a globally affluent brand; his matchless designs speak for themselves.