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Seekae hear The Sound Of Trees Falling on People

Sydney band Seekae started playing together at the beginning of 2007. Initially Commander Keen, they changed their name after they noticed a band in Aberdeen who used that same moniker and ‘who played really nice music’, says one third of the group, George Nicholas. They obviously didn’t think they needed the competition. In their early 20s and relatively new to the Sydney music scene, Nicholas and bandmates, John Hassell and Alex Cameron, have an accomplished and mature sound, making Gameboy inspired ambient electronica similar to Electric President and Prefuse 73. Currently they’re writing and recording a new album titled The Sound Of Trees Falling on People and plan to release it at the end of this month.

Where do you place yourselves in the Sydney music scene?
‘At the very top, looking down at all the other bands and artists, who look like ants from up here. Umm I don’t know, I sort of feel we are halfway between the Sydney electronica scene — which is small but mighty — and the indie and the psychedelic scenes’.

Have you have any problems performing your music live?
‘It can often be difficult to make songs with a significant production element work live because we use a lot of different types of software like Pro Tools, Ableton Live and Reason, which I don’t really think excites your average punter. On stage we use a fair amount of instruments and hardware though, which makes things more exciting. Recently we have been playing with more acoustic instruments, like flute, cello, xylophone and melodica, which is fun. I guess DJing would be fun and easy, but also kinda lame playing pre-recorded tracks’.