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Peta Pledger — vintage inspired goddess

Creating modern-vintage inspired by 1950s Australian housewives and rock’n’roll style pin-up glamour, Peta Pledger has been producing one-off, made-to-measure or small-run garments and accessories since 2003. Her love affair with the sewing machine began in 1988 when — like many lovely ladies — she couldn’t find any clothing that flattered her figure. Yes, some of us out there actually have up-sized hips and voluptuous frames, meaning we can’t always cram all that gorgeous flesh into skinny jeans tailored with miniscule thighs and teeny waists in mind. So if you want to be looking fine when you attend your next gig, garden party or Mexican stand-off, then check out the craft of Miss Pledger or drop her a line to request some one-on-one apparel creation. Va Va Va Voom!