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LUMI rainwater tank

Rainwater tanks are here to stay. Not only is the general populace turning to them as the realization sinks in that water is a scarce resource, but they are also being legislated by government at all levels. The unfortunate problem is that the vast majority are not the most attractive additions to the built environment, particularly the latest round of polypropylene models, which are mostly big beige blobs.

Full Tank, grown as an adjunct to a Melbourne based architectural firm, has spotted this need in the market and in response has presented the LUMI water tanks. Using Plexiglass in a variety of saturated colours, these tanks have been designed to fit into urban environments as an alternative to a naked normal water tank. The material used has a satin finish, which glows in the sunlight and illuminates by night with internal LEDs. LUMI is fully recyclable and compatible with greywater recycling systems and rainwater diverters. The outer casing can be retro-fitted to most domestic sized rainwater tanks.