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Melbourne’s Klein Bottle House

I love the interesting lines and clever use of sustainable materials found in the Klein Bottle House, a holiday place in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. The architects, McBride Charles Ryan, based the design around the concept of the Klein Bottle, ‘a descriptive model of a surface developed by topological mathematicians’. The Materialicious blog has an insightful write-up about the house: ‘The building is also within that tradition of the use of an experimental geometry that could be adapted to more suitably meet contemporary needs, and desires. In that sense, it is within the heroic tradition of invigorating the very nature of the home, most notable of this tradition would be the great experimental heroic houses by Melbourne architects in the 50s (McIntyre and Boyd in particular). The house revolves around a central courtyard, a grand regal stair connecting all the levels. There is a sense of both being near and far to all occupants. Its endless, curling shell-like quality particularly in the tee tree brings about a comforting togetherness’.

klein bottle house