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The man who wanted to be a Rockefeller

There’s a story in the news in New York at the moment that’s more interesting than any movie I’ve seen, book I’ve read, or reality show I’ve watched. It all revolves around a man who calls himself Clark Rockefeller, aka Christopher Chichester, whose actual name is Christian Gerhartsreiter, and who comes from a small town in Germany before moving to America and living a life of deception. Confused? Well, get this: he became someone he never was for more than twenty years.

It started off as a relatively small news item when a Rockefeller heir was caught kidnapping his own daughter. But then they found out that he was not a Rockefeller at all, and that there is an unsolved murder case from the 1980s that he is a ‘person of interest’ in. Every time he’s on the news, the story gets more interesting.