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The All New Adventures Of Us

Sonic alchemy, lyrical mastery and melodies to melt even the coldest winter heart, anyone? I introduce you to my new favourite indie darlings: The All New Adventures of Us (alternatively nicknamed TANOU). With their offbeat blend of indie pop, this seven piece British outfit evoke elements of their most talented contemporaries such as Belle & Sebastian, Connor Oberst, Sigur Ros, Ben Folds, and even the fragile vocal sensibility of Elliot Smith.

The seven adventurers spend most of their days in a studio in Umea, in the North of Sweden, with friend and practical eighth member, Magnus Lindberg (who also plays in the band Cult Of Luna) constructing silly things out of string and making tummy achingly beautiful music.

With tinkling string arrangements coupled with lyrics such as ‘Home’s not a place, it’s not roads, nor walls, street signs, bed-sheets or local swimming pools … it’s the waves, the smiles, the pleasantries, those loving kicks in the shin when you forget to breathe’, you may very well need someone to kick you in the shin, because if you’re anything like me, this music will take your breath away.