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Deanne Cheuk in Beijing

New York-based designer, and sometime Lost At E Minor contributor, Deanne Cheuk visited Beijing prior to the Olympics as part of the New Grand Tour. We touched in with her to see how she found the experience of being over there: ‘we visited some really modern art galleries, which seemed to be on par with with the best galleries in New York City’.

‘We also visited a cultural district where there were artists’ studios that had been built to give to artists to work in for free as a type of grant. It felt very cultural and advanced to me’.

How does the scene there differ from that elsewhere in the world?
‘China is growing like crazy, especially when we were in Beijing in the months leading up to the Beijing Olympics. I feel like the art scene there is just getting bigger and better’.

Do you feel that ‘art’ always had a unifying effect across cultures or does it actually accentuate differences?
‘I don’t think it was always unifying, but it has perhaps always been a way to cross some cultural barriers. I think it is one small way to unify cultures that is easily accessible’.

deanne cheuk

deanne cheuk