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The secret diary of The Grates

A few weeks back we asked Patience, frontwoman of Aussie pop starlets The Grates, to write about a typical day in her ever-hectic life. Today, it’s drummer Alana’s turn: ‘On the menu. I had soup and a sandwich. How very American of me. Actually, I really miss America. I can’t speak on behalf of the other two but I’m really keen to head back for a tour. Today I had quite a few over the phone interviews (in the biz we just call them ‘phoners’. If you are in an up-and-coming band, saying ‘phoners’ will make you appear as though you have done some too) which was heaps better than usual because my flatmates and I all went in for a cordless phone’.

‘Some things I did while being interview included making a cup of tea, drinking it, rearranging the fridge magnets, pace, push things on the floor around with my foot. Things will never be the same. Before the introduction of the cordless phone I was bound to a chair in the coldest room of the house. Now I’m a multi tasking legend! After all that was over and done with, I rode my bike in to [record label] Dew Process with John, who also rode his bike which is 982156 times better than mine. We did an interview with a street press mag then headed over to the ABC studios in Brisbane for an interview with Caroline Tran for triple j. She’s a lovely person and a great interviewer. I like dinosaurs a lot’.

Listen to the new Grates track, Two Kinds of Right.