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New York tends to pale in comparison to the Bay Area, LA, and even Chicago when it comes to Mexican food, but all that has begun to change in the past few years. Between the vendors at the Red Hook ballpark and the countless stands and restaurants in Jackson Heights, it seems that there’s hope yet for fans of good mole and corn-tortilla tacos. The joint that I still consistently recommend to people is actually Tehuitzingo, a little taco stand in the back of a bodega in Hell’s Kitchen (10th Ave between 46th and 47th, to be exact). While some mediocre vegetarian options are on the menu such as the egg and rice tacos and potato and jalepeno tacos, and they’ll make a bean taco if you ask, the place is definitely not for the meat-phobic. In fact, don’t even bother with the standard meat fare – their spicy pork are just ok, as are the chicken tacos. No, this is a haven for avid nose-to-tail eaters. Their goat tripe tacos (sangre) are simply the best tacos I’ve ever eaten, smothered in a deliciously smoky and chocolatey mole, and the tongue (lengua) are a close second. The chorizo and potato tacos are also not to be missed, and they’re known to have several off-the-menu specials each day that you have to ask about. I haven’t tried their pumpkin flower and corn mushroom quesadillas yet, but they’re also a specialty of the place. The kicker, however, is that it’s a bodega, and you can just grab a store-priced beer from the fridge and drink it while you wait for your order to come up.