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Aeroplane are Ital-disco

How many bands can you name who’ve formed over drunken conversations at parties? Add another to the list. Vito De Luca and Stephen Fasano of Belgian duo Aeroplane met around six years ago at a party, and decided to work together after discovering a shared appreciation for 60s and 70s psychedelic pop, Fleetwood Mac, Brian Wilson and 80s synth pop pioneers Brian Eno and Giorgio Moroder. ‘At the beginning Vito made me listen to the demos which he made and I found it very interesting!’, Fasano says. ‘I wanted to do disco-rock-electro music with my influences, and after several working years, we both found our own sound’.

At home in Brussels, the spaced out Ital-disco of Aeroplane is a little displaced, the nightclub scene dominated by minimal-tech and commercial house parties, and ‘not very exciting’ Fasano confides. For a time, Fasano ran a club night called Discolor in an attempt to introduce the sounds he and Luca love to his peers, but the night didn’t prove profitable.

Luckily for the pair though, the Artistic Director of Eskimo Records — Dirk De Ruyck — heard some of their demos and fell in love with them. Of their initial correspondence, Fasano recalls an incessant Ruyck. ‘He called me every day during a week to say to us, ‘Guys, it’s incredible, magic!’

With two 12″ releases out already, Aeroplane are currently writing and producing their debut full length album for Eskimo. Describing the recording process, Fasano says he and Luca ‘start to compose our melodies at the piano. After that, we make a beat and put some guitars and synths on it. Vito is the musician, he plays guitar, bass and pianos, and I try to search for sounds, effects, chords and arrangements. At the end, we do the mix together’.

They also throw guest vocalists into the mix, most recently working with UK singer Kathy Diamond after she emailed them through MySpace (who says social networking wasn’t a constructive use of time?)

Aeroplane may be using Diamond on upcoming releases, but they also mightn’t. Fasano seems to want to keep that close to his chest, gently brushing away the question by saying ‘that will be a surprise!’