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Black Metal show at Remains

A couple weeks ago, some buddies of mine in the black metal band Krallice played a show organized by Matthew Barney (a notorious metalhead) at the Deitch space in Long Island City. Whole pigs were roasted, and the head of one became a stage prop for the Texas band Dagon. The highlight of the evening was the mighty Inquisition, a fantastic Seattle-based black metal duo from Colombia. I’ve never heard live black metal sound this good (who knew a huge art warehouse would be so perfect for blast beats and tremolo picking?), and the crowd — a strange mix of leather-clad biker-looking types, South American metal kids, and tote-bag-sporting hipsters — went nuts. Barney himself meandered through the crowd, looking like a dad that has allowed his kids to drink beer in the basement, and though Bjork was nowhere to be seen, my companion, who has more than a passing resemblance to the Icelandic pixie, received many a double take. Check out Jae Saam’s photostream for some more photos of the evening.