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Frightened Rabbit

We love the energy and raw power of Scottish rock group, Frightened Rabbit. So we checked in with frontman Scott Hutchison about their interesting, but relatively unheard of, hometown: What else outside of Frightened Rabbit should we know about Selkirk, Scotland? ‘It was the birthplace and home of Sir Walter Scott the romanticist writer, it has a few excellent delicacies such The Selkirk Bannock (essentially a fruit loaf, in a kind of dome shape), the Pink Bun (a bun with pink icing, available in Cameron’s bakery on the High Street). The annual town festival, known as the Common Riding, involves a dangerous combination of heavy drinking, horses and large flags. It’s such fun!’ What impact has the addition of Andy on keys had to the live shows?
‘He does a great deal more than that too, but the live show is now so much more detailed as a result. I’m really happy with how the whole thing sounds now. Plus he’s so very handsome’.

Does [song title ] the The Midnight Organ Fight refer to an actual event? Perhaps in [producer] Peter Katis’ studio?
‘Not a specific event, and there was certainly no organ fighting in the studio! The title is hopefully fairly open ended in its meaning, and i’d hope it conjures up multiple scenarios. I did once throw some liver at my brother’s face, but it was around 2 in the afternoon, so its not that applicable’.

How exciting is the Scottish indie scene at the moment: are there potentially big bands bursting out of the woodworks or has the country been enveloped more by the downbeat electro vibe?
‘I think there are so many great great guitar bands playing in Glasgow right now. The sound seems pretty raw and emotional, with acts like El Padre, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Ross Clark, The Twilight Sad, it’s really exciting and a total departure from any of the electro nonsense flying around’.