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Interview with Joe Sorren

I’ve posted the wonderfully surreal and vibrant work of Arizona-based artist Joe Sorren many times over the past couple of years, so it was time to check in with him in the workspace from which such amazing paintings are produced: Is your studio more about inspiration or functionality? ‘I was thinking about my studio the other day, and realized that I have had a fort since I was eleven. I guess this is my latest incarnation in a long string of forts’. What distractions to you paint to? ‘Audiobooks and silence’. How many artworks do you generally have on the go at any given time? ‘Between four and eight on average’. Where does the first spark for a piece usually emanate from? ‘If you lead with your hands, the mind will follow. That is a piece of advice my Mother-in-Law gave me once. I usually just begin and see what happen’. [photo by Grant Brittian]