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The Black Ryder: ‘My Secret Playlist’

Sydney duo, The Black Ryder, are supporting Brian Jonestown Massacre in a few weeks in Sydney and Melbourne, so we checked in with singer Aimee Nash to see what tunes she’s getting down to right now.

I Can’t Be Satisfied by Muddy Waters
An old one, but a great one. I love everything about the song – the sound of the song, the guitar part, the slide guitar, the vocals, the lyrics. I’ve been listening to a lot of Muddy Waters lately.

Santo and Johnny by Sleepwalkin’
I love this song. Although there aren’t any vocals in this, you really don’t miss them. The song itself is just so dreamy and beautiful and emotive. It has a beautiful sadness to it that reminds me of a broken heart but seems hopeful at the same time. I’m sure this was used in a David Lynch series. If it wasn’t, it should be.

You On The Run by The Black Angels
The Black Angels are one of my favourite bands. Their sound is unique and their new album is incredible. This song particularly stood out to me because of the unusual percussion and tambourine part. It’s just different. Add in some tension and awesome vocals, lyrics, and sound, and there you have it. An awesome tune!

Aly Walk with Me by The Raveonettes
The Raveonettes new album Lust Lust Lust is one of the most exciting releases this year and ‘Aly Walk with Me’ is a favourite of mine. The harmonies are heavenly, and that hip-hop beat mixed with crazy fuzzed-out guitar is wonderful. We were fortunate enough to tour with The Raveonettes recently and their live shows were just as flawless and mesmerising as their recordings.

The Lonesome Death of Johnny Ace by Spectrum vs. Captain Memphis
Sonic Boom is quite a hero of mine from his time in Spacemen 3 (and E.A.R.), so it was really exciting to hear this new track, which is quite a departure. But, at the same time, it’s not. Pete Kember has created some incredible music in his time and has inspired me with his use of synths and sounds. This track here with Captain Memphis is like some crazy psychedelic, synth, cowboy, blues track that’s dark. but really really f**king cool.

Mambo Sun by T. Rex
I’m a big fan of the production on most of what I’ve heard from T.Rex. I’ve been listening to this song a lot recently because I really dig the drum sound in particular, especially mixed with the laid back melody, and that weird ‘waaaaaaahhhhh’ sound that keeps coming in and out.

An Evening of Contemporary Sitar Music by Spacemen 3
So technically this is one track, even though it goes for close to 45 minutes. It’s a live recording by Spacemen 3 in the UK from 1988. This is one of my favorite night time tracks. It has all the right drones and tones. I would highly recommend checking out Dreamweapon (Spacemen 3), if you’re not familiar with this.

Let It Go by The Black Ryder
Yep, I’m putting one of ours in the list. We’re actually re-working this track, so I’m listening to this a lot. We were fortunate enough to have Graham Bonnar (ex-Swervedriver) put some drums down on this when he was over here, and we had to re-record pretty much everything because we’d lost some audio files along the way (long story). We were also lucky to have Ricky Maymi (Brian Jonestown Massacre/Mellow Drunk) play on this as well. So I’m really excited about how the final version will sound. Right now though, it’s sounding pretty good.