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Inside Sam Weber’s studio

We caught up with New York-based artist Sam Weber recently to get the inside word on where most of his creativity is unleashed: his studio space. In regards to your workspace, what are the props for your daily inspiration? ‘I wouldn’t say there is anything specific, although I am fairly particular about where I like to work, and what sort of stuff I like to have around me. There are things that I look at often, a book of Max Ernst collages, one on Yoshitaka Amano, and a big stack of clippings from magazines and the Internet that I will periodically leaf through to get inspired’.

‘I do like to work with some music in the background. I don’t really have all that much artwork hanging up, mainly because of scarce wall space. Just having my materials lying around and some drawings underway is usually enough to get me motivated and working. Having a studio is a nice luxury’.

Are you usually working on a series of paintings or illustrations at a time, or do you work on one until it’s finished and then move on?
‘I wish I could work on only one thing at a time, but inevitably projects overlap and I find myself juggling many things at once. It’s unfortunately something that comes with being an illustrator. It’s less frustrating when it comes to my own work, as for the most part a deadline isn’t hanging over my head. I fantasize regularly about one day only working on one picture at a time, from start to finish. C’est la guerre’.

Is there a time of day in your studio when you generally feel most productive and creative?
‘I love early mornings, that is definitely my favourite time to work. I love starting early and getting into a project before the phone starts ringing and other things begin to demand my attention. I used to work a lot at night, but the early morning suits me much better I think’.

What’s your studio missing that it could do with right now?
‘A ping pong table and more plants’.

[photos by Reynard Li]