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Jon Burgerman is the Hero of Burgertown

I’ve had the pleasure of utilising Jon Burgerman’s illustrative talents on a few publications over the years, so the news that he’s soon to release a series of mini-figures for Kid Robot was a good excuse to check in with him about his Yimmi Bites and Heroes of Burgertown projects.

Where did the inspiration for the mini-figures come from?
‘They’re a collection of characters I’ve created and lived with (not quite literally) for many years now. I’ve created a lot of characters over they years, and these are amongst the ones who have endured the most. The collection is called The Heroes of Burgertown. Burgertown is where they live. Burgertown, I’ve supposed, is in my head, probably where my brain should be. The premise for the series is that each character has been made into a toy as a reward for their achievements in Burgertown. There’s a different reason as to why each has been awarded, most however can hardly really be called heroic. It’s a gentle jab at the cult of celebrity and how it’s the dubious accomplishments that usually get rewarded with recognition. You’ve got to wonder why certain people are put on a pedestal and heralded as people to aspire to. In turn, it makes us reflect on our own society and culture’.

Do you see strange characters like the Yimmi Bites figure all around you when you’re out and about?
‘Yes, I do see lots of characters around me all the time. One character I see in on a weight machine at my local gym. It’s a cute little face made out of the machinery. He always encourages me, saying “you can do it!” But, actually, he’s a big fat liar’.

How did Kid Robot get involved with the Heroes of Burgertown project?
‘Kid Robot invited me to make a collection of mini-figures with them a year or so ago and I said I’d love to. Much doodling and designing later here they are, ready to be released on September 25th’.

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