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Jane Abma

Sydney-based illustrator and designer, Jane Abma, has recently set up her own design studio — 1000 Words — and is keeping herself busy with a variety of interesting projects. I caught up with her to chat about her studio and her work routine: What time of day do you feel the most creative? ‘It totally depends on the amount of Zs I get, but usually first thing in the morning or quite late at night. Most of my ideas come about when I’m lying in bed trying to get to sleep’.
What does it take to get you there?
‘Numerous flat whites, cheese (mmmm … white Costello), thumping music (loving UK breaks DJ Tipper at the moment), and my trusty design books. Occasionally a glass of Tokay is involved when deadlines get pushed into the late hours of the night. These things, as well as burning my favourite incense (Egyptian Musk), always help me to get into the right head space to produce creative work’.

Do you consider you workspace to be inspiring or just a place to get inspiration elsewhere?
‘I love my studio as a place to chill as well as get projects completed. I usually have illustrations and design pieces that I have collected tacked to my walls to encourage me down new paths. Having said that, you can often find me trawling through books in the design section at Kinokuniya for hours at a time. If you see me there, please tell me not to spend any more money!’

Any colours you’re gravitating towards — both with your fashion and your illustration/design?
‘I quite fancy yellow and melon pigments at the moment. My illustrations are usually done in black and white, initially using pencil or ink. Then my colours of choice are incorporated at the last stages of the piece, or sometimes not at all’.

See any work lately that has blown you away?
‘I’m always a fan of Alex Trochut’s work. I check out what he has been up to when I need an extra kick of inspiration. I am also impressed by the work of Grand People and Non Format. All of the above have a deep appreciation of design and typography, which I constantly aspire towards’.

jane abma

jane abma

jane abma

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