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Attus Apparel says Rex Vanderwoodsen for President

In celebration of an election year, Attus Apparel is offering thirty percent off all of their rad shirts using the promo code “rexforpres” at checkout. In conjunction with the big sale, they are dabbling a little in politics by introducing their own candidate for President, Rex Vanderwoodsen, representing the Strange Party. They have kicked off the campaign with a blog, campaign posters, buttons, stickers, and have all sorts of fun stuff on the way like campaign parties, and videos. They will be updating the blog daily with all sorts of offbeat stuff regarding fashion, sexual health, pet peeves, and more. In the heart of one of the most anticipated and talked about Presidential races in history, they bring us an exciting candidate that puts all our little worries and fears to rest. ‘He is not a part of the Republican, or Democratic Party, he does not have a right or a left wing. He is just a dude that wants to have an office in the White House, fly on Air Force One, make the BIG decisions, wants to be your friend, and most importantly he wants you to call him Mr. President’.